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Agency Knowledge is a serious of training produced by Ross Christifulli to help advertising agency profitably grow and scale. Many students have a hard time forking at $3500 up front for a full program, therefore, Ross has broken his program into 2 sections: Agency Knowledge 1.o, and Agency Knowledge 2.0. The information in the first training will help you get your first 1-10 clients! 2.0 focuses 100% on building your systems so that you are not working “in” your agency, but working “on” your agency.

Agency Knowledge 1.o is designed for someone who has no choice but to utilize their own time due to lack of capital. It will help you use your time in the most effective and efficient way so that you can quickly start building a team around your agency!

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Agency Knowledge 1.0

Lesson 1: Getting Incredible Agency Support7:30
Lesson 2: The Most Profitable Model9:53
Lesson 3: You Are Here12:18
Lesson 4: Structuring Your Agency6:09
Lesson 5: Choosing Your Niche12:27
Lesson 6: Finding Your Voice21:01
Lesson 7: Finding Fulfillment4:36
Lesson 8: CRM & Agency Softwares10:31

Building Your Sales Machine

Turning Appointments Into Sales


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